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Founded in 1995, for more than ten years, adhering to the corporate spirit of "Prudent and Enterprising, Innovative, and Customer First", we strictly implement the quality management system and continuously strengthen the internal management of the company while focusing on the development of new products and the establishment of a marketing system. , Form a set of production management, quality management system and quality assurance system to make product quality performance indicators stable and reliable. The factory has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of the cosmetics industry, introducing advanced mold processing equipment and several advanced Japanese injection molding machines, and hiring a group of experienced mold design engineers. It has advanced CNC universal machines, automatic spring coiling machines, crawler tempering furnaces, grinding machines, CNC lathes, stamping parts and other complete sets of equipment and complete inspection systems. Specializing in the production of two types of products: ① nozzles, emulsion nozzles, pump heads, spray guns, various cosmetic bottle caps. ②Compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, special-shaped springs, water pipe sleeve springs and other products



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Committed to the research and development and manufacturing of the cosmetics industry, the introduction of advanced mold processing equipment.


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Kaiping pulling spring manufacturer: what are the processing methods of spring?


Spring steel can be divided into hot forming and cold forming according to their processing methods. Due to different processing methods, the subsequent heat treatment methods are also different. The details are as follows: 1. Large spring parts with heat treatment diameter or plate thickness greater than 10-15mm are mostly made of steel wire or steel plate drawn by hot-rolled wire rod. The processing and heat treatment are as follows: firstly, the spring steel wire is heated to 50-80 ℃ higher t

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